VigiTrust works with a range of different types of partners including channel partners, resellers, consultants, system integrators, franchisors, payment service providers and software developers.

Software Developers and System Integrators

VigiTrust workswith software developers not only to develop great products and services, but also to assist them to develop secure and compliant software and to train their staff to suitable standards.

Information Security Consultants and Advisors

Information Security Consultants use VigiTrust’s compliance platforms and portals to help them manage large scale and complex compliance program’s for their clients. Also consultants utilise VigiTrust’s expansive eLearning portfolio to ensure that employees and staff are trained, tested and certified to the required standard to demonstrate compliance.

Payment Service Providers and Financial Institutions

VigiTrust collaborates with Payment Service Providers to deliver tools to merchants that allow them become and remain compliant to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. (PCI DSS).

Franchisors and Large Distributed Corporations

Franchisers and their franchisees need to collaborate to fulfil their collective responsibilities to ensure compliance to Payment Card Industry and Data Protection regulations.VigiTrust provides compliance solutions to local and global franchisors that provide total transparency for parties at all levels. VigiTrust’s tools are particularly suited to such organisations with built in payment and cost attribution systems, that simplify the entire process of ensuring compliance.