Are Data Security and Information Governance areas of concern for you and your company? Are you unsure as to what some of the new (and old) regulations mean for you? Are you aware of the importance of IT Security and Compliance and its role in an ever changing, modern day world?
For those of you who do not know us, VigiTrust is a B2B SaaS provider of information risk and compliance software. We are a GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) software provider specializing in cloud based security compliance portals, providing education and awareness training, online security assessments and testing based on the VigiTrust Five Pillars of Security Framework ©. The company is well established in the market, with a strong reputation and a track record as an information security expert in a number of fields particularly PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), HIPAA, EU GDPR and Cyber Security in general. We are passionate about Security and our blog will follow the main security trends, provide information and keep you up to date on the newest regulations and explore what they mean for you and much, much more. You will also receive exclusive insight into our Advisory Board where Senior International thought leaders with extensive experience in their fields, explored and unraveled Security and its image with opinions from a broad range of industries.

By VigiTrust / 13th December 2016

Cybersecurity comes to the fore at Web Summit 2016

I attended the Web Summit at its new home in Lisbon last week and it was noticeable how prominent cybersecurity...

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By VigiTrust / 18th November 2016

EU GDPR/PCI overlap at the PCI SSC meeting in Edinburgh

At last month’s PCI Security Standards Council meeting in Edinburgh – befitting the European setting – there was a lot...

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By VigiTrust / 14th October 2016

Security awareness part two: time to rip up and reassess your security strategy?

In last week’s post, I wrote about how cyber security awareness month (or European Cyber Security Month if you’re in...

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By VigiTrust / 5th October 2016

Cyber security awareness month

October is European Cyber Security Month, and National Cyber Security Awareness month in the USA. It’s an ideal time to...

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By VigiTrust / 29th September 2016

PCI progress: thoughts from Las Vegas

The PCI Security Standards North America meeting in Las Vegas last week was one of the best-attended PCI events I...

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By VigiTrust / 21st September 2016

What EU GDPR means for the CSO

If a chief security officer was doing his or her job correctly, the business (almost) never needed to talk to...

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By VigiTrust / 27th July 2016

Managing change and cultural challenges with security programmes

By now, you’ll hopefully have started noticing a few recurring themes on this blog, and one of them is the...

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By VigiTrust / 21st July 2016

The Vigitrust Global Advisory Board: a delegate’s perspective

Many of our blog posts have been inspired by subjects that were discussed at our Global Advisory Board annual meeting...

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By VigiTrust / 13th July 2016

Keep calm and carry on: cybersecurity and Brexit

Last week I attended the ‘Future-Proofing Privacy’ event in Paris, hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and Hogan...

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By VigiTrust / 6th July 2016

Let’s change the way we look at security

One of the many interesting themes to emerge from our Global Advisory Board meeting in Dublin earlier this year was...

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By VigiTrust / 29th June 2016

Have a nice stay: helping the hospitality sector to stay safe from cybercrime

In our previous blog post, we shared some of the useful security and risk resources that are a constant source...

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By VigiTrust / 23rd June 2016

Information Sharing

If like me you attend a lot of cybersecurity conferences, you can’t help but have noticed one of the recurring...

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By VigiTrust / 15th June 2016

Cyber Insurance: protect before you connect

Imagine the scene: your organisation has suffered a large-scale data breach. Your network has been infiltrated, and your customers’ IDs...

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By VigiTrust / 8th June 2016

People get ready: two years and four steps to GDPR

The countdown has begun. Just under two years from now – 25 May 2018 to be exact – the EU’s...

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By VigiTrust / 1st June 2016

Security awareness training isn’t rocket science

Some of the least expensive but most effective investment you can make in security is on awareness training for your...

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By VigiTrust / 25th May 2016

The fear factor

Why are we in security? That question was at the heart of a thought-provoking presentation at our recent Global Advisory...

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By VigiTrust / 10th May 2016

VigiTrust Advisory Board annual worldwide meeting – executive summary

Attendees at the VigiTrust Advisory Board annual worldwide meeting took part in two days of in-depth discussion covering a broad...

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By VigiTrust / 21st April 2016

Key steps to big data security in hospitality

Mathieu Gorge, CEO of VigiTrust, outlines the basics of big data security in the hospitality sector. Hospitality is a sector...

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