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Security Awareness & Assessment Specialists

VigiTrust specializes in the promotion of security awareness & assessments through the provision of elearning solutions and advisory services for merchants, payment service providers and banks

VigiTrust offers a cloud-based eLearning suite of solutions for Security, Compliance and GRC for merchants that help payment service providers and banks achieve and maintain security levels & compliance with legal and industry frameworks. 

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VigiTrust is widely recognized for its expertise in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), ISO 27001 compliance programs and corporate governance. VigiTrust ensures global Fortune 500 customers comply with US Federal regulations, State regulations and European Directives.

Let VigiTrust guide your organization through the compliance process!

VigiTrust Areas of Expertise:

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MCP from VigiTrust

Manage your merchants' portfolio PCI DSS compliance.

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eSEC from VigiTrust

Security & Compliance on-demand education.

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SAMS from VigiTrust

Cost-effectively enable your PCI DSS accreditation process.

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