Mathieu Gorge, VigiTrust’s CEO, was interviewed by CIO Review for the issue of June 2015. VigiTrust has been selected as offering one of the “20 Most Promising Cyber Solutions in 2015″. The article provides details of VigiTrust’s SAMS (Security Accreditation Management System), an enterprise GRC tool, and MCP (Merchant Compliance Portal), a solution for merchant aggregators to comply with PCI DSS. One of the principal reasons for selecting VigiTrust’s innovative tools in this Top 20 is because VigiTrust solutions change the way which companies deal with the challenge of compliance to information security regulations, making information security compliance relevant from the boardroom to the shop floor on a continuous basis.

Mathieu stated that “the real challenge for enterprises today is to elevate security issues to the boardroom so that key decision makers are able to visualize the impact of poor security on their P&L, share price, and other financial metrics”, and that is why VigiTrust’s solutions are easy and straightforward, targeting not only the IT department but the whole company.

CIO Review is a magazine for Business and Technology specialists, whose reviews are a well known and a respected reference in the sector.

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