Mathieu Gorge, VigiTrust’s CEO was delighted to be presented with the “Information Security CEO of the Year” Award in the Executive Awards. Mathieu founded VigiTrust in 2003 and it has since grown to become a renowned Cyber Security Company specializing in the development and provision of Straightforward Security Awareness and Compliance Solutions to large organisations and groups of merchants.  Mathieu also is an established authority on IT security and risk management with more than 15 years international experience. Thanks to his international reputation, and building on the success of the 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ which he created,  Mathieu is in constant demand as a speaker at international security conferences such as RSA, ENISA & ISACA. He is a well-respected figure in the security industry in EMEA and North America. Mathieu’s specialty areas include PCI DSS, HIPAA & ISO 27001 and he works closely with the PCI Council (US& EU) as well as ANSI (US). Since 2006, Mathieu has been a Councillor for the Ireland France Chamber of Commerce and he has also recently taken on the role of Information Security Officer. Mathieu is also the Chairman of Infosecurity Ireland and an Official Reviewer for ANSI (one of the few Europeans to be so).


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Mathieu is heavily involved in security research and collaborative programs. He regularly moderates and speaks at security events organized by ISACA (NYC, UK Central Chapter, Dublin), ISSA (Global Web Conference Committee), Geneva Security Forum (International collaboration on CIP), East West Institute (Cyber Security Forum & working groups), and ICTTF & ISS world. Mathieu has also completed extensive research work in the area of secure printing, data storage & archiving.

Mathieu regularly writes for TechTarget,, ISACA,, Computer Fraud & Security, SC Magazine, ISSA Journal, Security Director and Baseline.

Jonathan Hicks, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “With these awards, we look to recognise the outstanding individuals who are pulling the strings behind major companies, and through their innovative leadership skills, guide their firm further along the path to success.”

mathieu executive awards

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