Information Security Strategy

VigiTrust’s Security Mentoring Program (SMP) is designed for Directors, Senior IT Staff, HR and Operations Managers, Compliance Managers and Corporate Governance teams, and is an interactive program aimed at allowing key decision makers understand IT Security risks for their organizations in order for them to implement a security strategy and compliance program.

Scalable corporate security strategies can be designed and fully implemented within agreed period of times ranging from 12 months to 36 months. Additional key objectives include the development, formulation and implementation of corporate IT policies and procedures with a view to using IT Security as a cost-effective business enabler and value add to the enterprise. In addition to project managing items to be delivered by the end user and by VigiTrust, items to be covered by 3rd parties can also be managed under the VigiTrust Security Mentoring Program.

The SMP is typically aimed at enabling organizations to prepare for compliance audits for ISO 27001 or PCI DSS. They also allow end users to achieve compliance with Data Protection legislation.