Security Assessment

Following a Security Strategy Workshop, VigiTrust, and its partners will assist the organisation to

  • Carry out a full network and compliance pre-assessment audit has been completed

  • Develop and Implement Information Security Policy and Procedures.

  • Ensure all staff are trained in general information security, and that specific staff are trained in Do’s & Don’ts of information security

VigiTrust’s approach will be designed to address the concerns identified at the workshop.

VigiTrust and its partners will carry out an assessment against the requirements of the appropriate standard, the deliverable for which will be a gap analysis document, which will include;

  1. Diagrams and Data Flows, Ecosystem Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams & Network Diagrams
  2. Policies based on VigiTrust templates and with input and collaboration of appropriate organizational staff, including, Acceptable Usage Policy for staff, Access Control Policy and Incident Response Plan
  3. A validation of Firewall Rules and Business Justification for Rules, AV, Anti-Spam and Intrusion Detection-Prevention Policy, Hardening, Log and Patch Management Policy, Back-Up and Media Storage Policy and Security Assessment, Application Security & Vulnerability Management Policy