Security Mentoring Program

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VigiTrust’s Security Mentoring Program (“SMP”) is designed for CISOs, CSOs, CxOs, Senior IT Staff, HR and Operations Managers, Compliance Managers and Corporate Governance teams, this interactive program is aimed at allowing key decision makers understand Security & Information Governance risks for their organization in order for them to design, continually improve and maintain a security strategy and compliance program.

Security Mentoring Program Objectives

  • Provide advisory support to a designated security person or team – e.g. Chief Information Security Officer
  • Transfer security & information Governance skills to the Chief Information Security Officer and other relevant team members
  • Assist the Chief Information Security Officer and other staff in promoting Security Awareness throughout the organization
  • Provide key skills in preparing for, dealing with & investigation of security incidents where required, in conjunction with the Information Security Officer
  • Provide advice and make recommendations on the protection of specific Information & IT assets
  • Provide ongoing support for security initiatives within the organization following the ISO27001:2013 model
  • Provide informal advice and recommendations as required by the CISO or otherwise designated point of contact within the organization.

Security Mentoring Program Benefits

Thanks to the VigiTrust Security Mentoring Program, designated staff will benefit from having:

  • Identified issues and discussed available solutions regarding their existing Security & Information Governance procedures and current security awareness levels/strategies, gained an understanding of Legal IT issues and implications for their business
  • Acquired specific knowledge of Information, Network, Application & IT risks and ways to implement security measures to counter these risks and learnt about security basics and how to start drafting effective security policies and procedures and will have identified associated benefits for the organisation
  • Developed and formulated a 12, 24 or 36 month Plan to implement agreed strategies
  • Implemented new or improved network, IT and application security technical solutions, support structure and crisis management mechanisms
  • Attended training and awareness programs and been awarded industry recognised Certification where Applicable
  • Started or completed the recruitment process for additional relevant staff if required
  • Developed effective reporting structures on information governance & security
  • Completed post mortem meeting on projects delivered throughout the program
  • Identified next steps to implement improved or new corporate security strategy and discussed options to renew the VigiTrust Security Mentoring Program


Security Mentoring