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VigiTrust’s integrated security awareness training programs are designed to achieve a long term shift in the attitude of employees towards security, whilst promoting a cultural and behavioral change within an organisation. Integrated Awareness, Training and Security policies help staff to see them as key enablers for the organisation, not as a series of rules restricting the efficient working of a BUSINESS.’

  • Security awareness strategies

  • Security news letters

  • Security awareness posters

  • War games simulations

  • Security blogs

  • eLearning course

  • Instructor Lead Training

  • Security Awareness Videos

  • Lunch & Learn sessions

ELearning Content Creation & Migration:

VigiTrust holds a strong belief that the effectiveness of any security awareness program depends on how the content of the program has been scoped and on the creators understanding of their target audience. To that effect, VigiTrust has created a five step methodology which it follows for the creation of its off-the-shelf solutions as well as customized programs.

The aim of this process is to ensure that VigiTrust accurately captures all of the intent and requirements of the program from a client’s perspective and that a number of versions are created and trialled with a trusted audience so that the overall effectiveness of the process is increased.



Ensuring positive, aware and well-trained members of staff is a key part of ensuring that an organisation protects its crucial intellectual assets, confidential information, key relationships and reputation.

Many organizations require formal security awareness training for all workers when they join the organization and periodically thereafter, usually annually.

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