Data protection & Privacy

A number of new and evolving technologies are fundamentally altering the status quo in relation to data protection and privacy worldwide.

  • The Internet of Things and the Consumerization of IT

  • Cloud Computing, Big Data and Analytics

  • Mobile Computing, Personalization, Context and location based services

  • Social Media and Digital Marketing are all creating new and different opportunities and risks for organizations.

EU, US, OECD and worldwide regulatory frameworks for privacy, data protection and IT are attempting to change to deal with the internet which has brought totally new privacy risks. Together with the rising awareness for those risks, governments and regulators all over the world have started to create a new generation of governance, which is more and more influencing the way we use information.

This increasingly connected and Digital world means that it is critical to view information security not just as an IT problem, but as a fundamental business challenge and opportunity that needs to be mastered. All organisations are exposed to Information Security threats, vulnerabilities and privacy exposures that bring about risks that need to be controlled and managed. Often organizations do not know what risks they face or how they will manage these risks. If managed properly, recognized leadership in handling personally identifiable information and driving personalized service can be a differentiator to consumers and partners and become a driver of business growth.