Enterprise Security Program Management (SAMS)

Vigitrust’s Security Accreditation Management System (SAMS) is a web-based GRC collaboration tool and has been developed through our extensive experience in helping merchants, payment service providers, and banks address their PCI DSS mandates and achieve PCI DSS compliance status. Incorporating project management best practices, SAMS is the tool which can empower your organization to cost effectively achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance.

  • Web-based GRC collaborative platform

  • Secure repository for PCI DSS related documentation

  • Policies & procedures templates

  • Documentation management system

  • PCI DSS Gap Analysis Tool

  • Accreditation Best Practice workflows

  • Integrated calendar for PCI DSS tasks

  • PCI DSS compliance dashboard

  • My PCI DSS feature gives specific users access to info relevant to their value add in terms of PCI DSS accreditation

  • Comprehensive reporting in Excel, PDF and other formats.

SAMS – PCI DSS Assessment & Compliance Management

  • Dynamic PCI DSS assessment functionality all 12 High-Level requirements and associated controls
  • Automated pre-assessment reports on compliance
  • Production of comprehensive remediation road map (policies & procedures,technical solutions & user awareness)
  • Production of a PCI DSS compliance project plan assigning tasks to PCI DSS team members
  • Real-time PCI DSS compliance dashboard

SAMS – PCI DSS Document Management Features

  • PCI DSS policies & procedures template work space
  • Secure repository for all PCI DSS documentation & scans
  • PCI DSS knowledge base area
  • Option for eSEC integration- eLearning to comply with Requirement 12.6 to educate in-scope staff.

SAMS – Project Management & PCI DSS Budgeting Tool

  • Defines and manages PCI DSS project budgets (software & hardware capex, internal & external consulting efforts)
  • Alerts PCI DSS team members when overspending on budgets and /or not meeting task completion deadlines
  • Centrally manages multiple-site PCI DSS projects for large organizations