Cyber Accountability in the Boardroom webinar with our CEO and hosted by the ISACA Central UK Chapter

Posted on 25-04-2022

Tomorrow, don’t miss the webinar about the Cyber Accountability in the Boardroom, presented by our CEO Mathieu Gorge and hosted by the ISACA Central UK Chapter:

“The Cyber Accountability principle is fundamental to regulations, standards, and frameworks such as the GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, and ISO 27001. Cyber accountability is the ability to effectively prevent, detect, and trace the source of a security incident or compromise, as well as being able to quickly recover when hit by a security breach. The Board of Directors and the C-Suite is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the organization can demonstrate cyber accountability. This is particularly important in the light of current and future security threats.

Mathieu Gorge, CEO, VigiTrust will provide his insights of working with a number of Boards over many years and will cover:

  • Cyber-accountability definitions
  • Why cyber-accountability should matter to Board members, C-Suite and key decision makers
  • Examples of cyber-accountability issues where Board members, Cu-suite and key decision makers got in trouble
  • Understanding the various risks that matter – 4 bubbles of risks
  • The 5 stages of cyber accountability grief
  • Cyber-accountability maturity levels and programs
  • Using the 5 Pillars of security framework to ascertain your cyber-accountability maturity levels
  • Start building your own ongoing cyber-accountability program
  • Tools & Tips”