VigiTrust GRC Solutions

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Educate your staff on the policies and procedures and the reasons for them, with VigiTrust’s engaging and informative eLearning.

VigiTrust’s library of InfoSecurity and Data Protection Awareness eLearning and interactive media on key topics such as Cybersecurity, Data Protection and relevant regulations are continuously updated to ensure maximum relevance Customisation and personalisation of any modules to include scenarios from your industry, your company’s vocabulary, and much more!

Policies and Procedures
Policies and procedures and/or templates made easily accessible by everyone in the company, assigning and tracking responsibility for their implementation.


Vulnerability scanning, assessment, reporting with questionnaires, surveys and check-sheets and comprehensive, interactive reports and charts.

Finding out the state of your environments is the first step in order to take control over compliance in your organisation.

Vulnerability assessment
Automate regular vulnerability testing of network and access points to ensure security and compliance.

Provide and collate on-line questionnaires to assess, track and report progress towards compliance.

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Achieve continuous compliance across a number of regulations and standards (e.g. GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO27001) with one single programme and platform.

Track all relevant metrics with VigiTrust’s Continuous assessment tools, plan and manage the tasks of achieving and maintaining continuous compliance to evolving regulations in complex environments. Meet compliance deadlines, track progress towards key milestones, schedule and monitor key events such as training, tests, reviews and audits in one single and comprehensive calendar.

Simply and easily track and demonstrate compliance to key stakeholders and regulators. Reports, charts and metrics that are easy to maintain, distribute and comprehend.

Regulations and Standards

The essence of VigiOne is that it brings together all of VigiTrust’s tools on to one platform in an integrated manner to allow you to manage compliance to multiple information security and data protection standards and regulations in one all-encompassing program


Handling high volumes of payment card transactions across multiple merchants – help your merchants ensure compliance and track progress.


Provide entities with what they need to comply with the HIPAA standard, manage and audit vendors and automate reporting.


VRM: Keep track on your vendors with VigiTrust’s services around vendor risk management.


Easily carry out assessments and questionnaire manage the risk and compliance issues that arise with suppliers and partners.

ISO 27001

Create and use built-in templates from standards such as ISO27001, ANSI Z10 & EU GDPR.


Automate Privacy & Data Protection Impact Assessments, record data processing operations, ensure data subject rights fully understood.


Train your management and staff on IoT security best practices, manage 3rd party audits, maintain records and compliance evidence.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security: VigiTrust can help you with cybersecurity awareness training, policies and procedures and much more.