VigiTrust Global Advisory Board

About the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board

About the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board

The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board brings together a group of leading security and compliance subject matter experts from more than 30 countries including C-Level executives (CISOs, CROs, CLOs, CEOs, CFOs, and other CxOs), Board Members, regulators, law enforcement, researchers and other stakeholders and influencers within the security industry. The current membership consists of more than 1000 members, with over 300 of them being Chartered Advisors, while the remaining members are Community Members. It’s great to see such a diverse and engaged membership base.


The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board focuses on how data governance, information security, systems security, and critical infrastructure security impacts the security and compliance industry. Themes range from the technical to the regulatory, including the evolution of regulations, frameworks, and standards. Topics recently covered include:

  • Global Advisory Board & Security News Update
  • Insights from the Data Breach Investigations Report
  • New Working Habits
  • Building a Security Culture for your enterprise
  • Innovation in Security & Compliance
  • Transportation Security
  • Investment in Cybersecurity
  • Geopolitical Risks
  • Boards & Cyber-accountability
  • Health Information protection in a pandemic world
  • GDPR & CCPA Evolution
  • GRC / IRM & Managed Security Services
  • Preparing tomorrow’s next generation of cyber experts (Fireside Chat)
  • Women in Cybersecurity
  • Understanding of the impact of harmful content on tomorrow’s adults: Why cyber education matters
  • Protecting the Most Vulnerable on-line: InterPol’s perspectives
  • How do we protect the younger and older generations in the years to come?
  • A Case Study on How Monitored Environments can Help Protect Children


Traditionally events are held in Dublin, London, Paris, and New York every six to eight weeks, and once a year in Australia. One event has taken place at the RSA conference in San Francisco.  The annual Dublin event takes place over three days and invites members to participate in keynotes, brainstorming sessions, and panel discussions. The event provides members with excellent networking opportunities. Since 2020, many events have been virtualized but we are starting to organize face-to-face events . Meetings are generally 90-120 minutes long and include short 15 minute keynotes followed by panel discussions. All attendees are encouraged to ask questions directly during the Q&A sessions or via the moderator.


The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board is chaired by Mathieu Gorge, CEO of VigiTrust, but operates as an independent non-commercial body. It is governed by a charter and requires chartered members to sign and adhere to the rules within that charter. Community members are asked to sign a consent form also stating the rules of engagement. The scale of the Global Advisory Board has resulted in the creation of a number of regional chapters, each with its own leadership team. Each team works directly with the Chairman to coordinate global events and also drive the regional agenda. Regional chapters include US East Coast, the US (other than East Coast), France, Ireland, UK, India, Africa, China, and APAC.


The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board was created by VigiTrust,  the commercial provider of VigiOne, a SaaS-based GRC/IRM solution with clients in over 120 countries. Being a member of the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board does not in any way mean that one is a member of the Board of VigiTrust or advising the directors and/or managers of VigiTrust on the company strategy. The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board is a non-commercial collaborative think tank. Full details are available in the charter and consent forms.

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About VigiTrust

VigiTrust is a security firm specializing in: Cloud-based eLearning programs. Security compliance portals. The provision of security assessments, information security and data compliance solutions. International clients in the healthcare, financial services, retail, and government sectors.