Find quotes from our CEO Mathieu Gorge in the CyberNews Article!

Posted on 09-04-2021

Find quotes from our CEO Mathieu Gorge in the recent CyberNews (Jurgita Lapienytė) article on cyber threats and data breaches on Facebook.

“According to Mathieu Gorge, CEO, and founder of VigiTrust, the main challenge for Facebook is that they keep collecting more and more information on their users across multiple platforms (e.g. Instagram).

“It, therefore, becomes a policy issue, a technical security challenge, and mostly a major compliance headache for them. Every time they roll out new functionality or integrate a new platform, they essentially increase the risk surface and potential for security loopholes. While this explains what they are up against, it remains Facebook’s responsibility to ensure that they protect employee-, user-, the third party- and other data they are custodians of, according to applicable laws and standards,” he told CyberNews.

Facebook is acutely aware of privacy issues, as there are many lawsuits against the company around privacy.

“However, like other super enterprises, they sometimes play catch up with best practices and compliance,” Gorge said.”


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