New award 2022 for our CEO Mathieu Gorge!

Posted on 23-01-2023

Delighted to announce that our CEO Mathieu Gorge has won the “Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovations 2022” award from Insight Success.



Mathieu Gorge is the CEO and founder of VigiTrust, a cybersecurity company with clients in 120 countries. Mathieu has over 20 years of IT security and risk management experience and is much-sought after for his expertise.

He is a frequent moderator and speaker at security events organized by ISACA and ISSA (Global Web Conference Committee). Mathieu has been involved in extensive security research and collaborative programs, including risk assessment and management, payment card security, secure printing, and data storage and archiving.

More information on his website and in relation to his book “The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom”.

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