New award for our CEO Mathieu Gorge!

Posted on 18-08-2022

We are delighted to announce that our CEO Mathieu Gorge has won the “Most Influential Cybersecurity Executive 2022 – Ireland” award from Corporate Vision Magazine.


Mathieu Gorge is a global data security, information governance and compliance subject matter expert with 20+ years’ experience. Mathieu is the CEO and Founder of VigiTrust. An award winning CEO for innovation, excellence and security & compliance expertise, Mathieu has dedicated himself to helping CEOs, CXOs and Board of directors manage cyber accountability challenges and focus onopportunities that good cyber hygiene and pro-active cyber security compliance programs can bring to firms. Mathieu created the multi-award winning 5 Pillars of Security Framework aimed at providing CEOS, CxOs and Boards with a timeless, industry agnostic and jargon free cyber accountability methodology.

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If you want to know more about Mathieu Gorge, his involvement in cyber-security, his book and if you want to invite him to participate in a conference, please visit his website: