New Podcast with our CEO Mathieu Gorge and our COO Rowan Fogarty

Posted on 23-02-2021

Good news, the podcast interview with our CEO Mathieu Gorge and our COO Rowan Fogarty is now live on IBS Intelligence (click on the picture):



“Data security and compliance are just a couple of the issues that may get more complicated for UK and European firms in the wake of Brexit.  Robin Amlot of IBS Intelligence discussed the potential stumbling blocks and how to address them with Mathieu Gorge and Rowan Fogarty of Vigitrust. Gorge is the author of The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom: Cyber-Accountability With The Five Pillars Of Security Framework.  The book looks at cybersecurity through the lens of a simple, proven and industry-agnostic methodology that enables businesses of all sizes to map cybersecurity risks, implement a cybersecurity strategy, and demonstrate cyber accountability to regulators, government bodies and law enforcement agencies.” Source: IBS Intelligence.

For more info about Mathieu Gorge’s new book “The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom” (click on the picture):