VigiTrust Advisory Board on March 31st: Cyber Insurance & Forensics

Posted on 11-03-2021

VigiTrust Advisory Board* on Wednesday March 31st, 2021:

 2021 has already seen there major hacks. What can we learn from Forensics and is Cyber insurance really going to help out?


  • James Grundvig, Author and Tech JournalistMC on behalf of VigiTrust
  • Joe Mehegan (Senior Manager at FireEye)
  • Daniel Cohen (Account Executive at Cohen Partners)
  • Mathieu Gorge (CEO & Global Advisory Board Chairman at VigiTrust)
  • Rowan Fogarty (Chief Operating Officer at VigiTrust)

The speakers reviewed latest hacks on 2021 and discuss the state of forensics investigations practices and the role of cyber insurance in dealing with breaches.

Agenda: VigiTrust Advisory Board Agenda – March 31st

Speakers’ presentations: Click here to see their presentations




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