Security Awareness Training as a Key Element in Changing the Security Culture

Posted on 31-03-2022

Check out the new white paper by Osterman Research and VigiTrust entitled “Security Awareness Training as a Key Element in Changing the Security Culture“: Click Here 

Based on years of experience and research from Osterman, as well as two surveys conducted in 2021, the paper discusses the role of business leaders in building, maintaining and continually improving cyber-culture in their organizations. It also outlines what security awareness training should cover, how and how often it should be delivered, and how its effectiveness can be measured.The upshot is that security awareness training must be compelling and memorable to result in serious change in an organization’s security culture. The paper offers some ideas for achieving this goal, including offering humorous quizzes, micro-learning experiences and more.


VigiTrust has a new service to improve the cybersecurity culture in the companies – the VigiQuiz! It is designed to help organizations provide security training, capture the staff’s attention, and create a collective sense of cyber-accountability through an innovative and fun approach.