Today is the 20th Anniversary of VigiTrust!

Posted on 31-01-2023

Message from the Founder and CEO, Mathieu Gorge:


VigiTrust is officially 20 years old! A proud moment for the team & I.

Back in 2003, very few vendors focused on data protection and even fewer security directors (now CISOs) knew what it was. It took a good two years of market education in Ireland to get the first data protection programs to gain momentum and, as they say, the rest is history! This naturally took VigiTrust towards security consulting, assessments and awareness training (in-person and eLearning) which saw the company grow during its first 15 years.

5 years ago, my COO Rowan Fogarty & I started to pivot the company towards SaaS offerings. Today, VigiTrust is a multi-award-winning global business well recognized for its excellence and Innovation in GRC & IRM with VigiOne enabling clients to prepare for, validate and manage continuous compliance with more than 100 laws, regs & standards globally.

I’m very proud of what’s been achieved and need to thank my team, clients and members of the ever growing and always more influential  VigiTrust Global Advisory Board – a non-commercial think-tank bringing together a group of leading security and compliance subject matter experts from more than 30 countries including C-Level executives (CISOs, CROs, CLOs, CEOs, CFOs, and other CxOs), Board Members, regulators, law enforcement, researchers and other stakeholders and influencers within the security industry. There are currently over 900 members including 300 chartered advisors and over 100 community members.

I’m often asked what keeps an entrepreneur going – after all, VigiTrust went through the 2008 Global Financial crisis, Covid and many geo-political and business reshapes. I think that to be successful you need three ingredients: passion, a great team and resilience.

Passion for your subject matter where you learn, share your experience and be part of a global community of other driven individuals from all backgrounds and regions.

A great team with people that are better than you at what they do & understand your strategy and the “Why” of the business, ie the value the team adds to the industry.

Resilience – to all the people who have knocked me down over the last 20 years, I say thank you it only makes me want to prove you wrong more. I’ll always get back up!


So, thank you all for the continued support. Thank you to our clients in 120+ countries and to the Advisory Board. And of course, thank you to my family and close friends!


Here’s to another many years of growth and fun in cybersecurity 😊


PS: Stay tuned to look back at the last 20 years in cybersecurity.