VigiTrust Annual Global Advisory Board 2022 (In-Person), Dublin – Ireland May 18 & 19, 2022

Posted on 05-05-2022

Join us for 2 days of expert keynotes, brainstorming and networking with more than 50 speakers, all internationally recognized for their knowledge in cybersecurity and compliance. We will cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Cyber Accountability​
  • CISO/CRO​ Challenges​
  • Innovation Funding​
  • Threat Landscape ​
  • Culture of Security​
  • Standards/Laws​ Frameworks​
  • D&I in Cyber


Why should you attend?

  • Learn from your peers and other experts
  • Understand and influence the market
  • Gain insights on regulation
  • Interface with people with the same challenges
  • Explore your options
  • Formulate a security awareness program
  • Expand your peer network


Make the most of Dublin and the VigiTrust Advisory Board’s legendary hospitality! Networking dinners and parties have been organized for you to network with your peers in a fun way.


The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board brings together a group of leading security and compliance subject matter experts from more than 30 countries including C-Level executives (CISOs, CROs, CLOs, CEOs, CFOs, and other CxOs), Board Members, regulators, law enforcement, researchers and other stakeholders and influencers within the security industry. There are currently over 700 members including 150 chartered advisors and over 550 community members.


AGENDA – VigiTrust Global Advisory Board – May 2022


Join us for this year’s exciting Global Advisory Board!



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Please note that the VigiTrust Advisory Board is a non-commercial think tank, so we are not in the position to cover travel expenses or hotels. However, VigiTrust will be happy to help you to find a hotel near the venue.

On behalf of Mathieu Gorge, VigiTrust’s CEO and Global Advisory Board Chairman, we are looking forward to hearing from you and do hope you can join!