VigiTrust Global Advisory Board: How to Protect the Young Generation from Cyber Dangers?

Posted on 07-10-2021

Based on the success of our previous VigiTrust Advisory Board on How do we protect younger and older Generation online on June 17th last, the topic of our next VigiTrust Advisory Board was:


How to Protect the Young Generation from Cyber Dangers?


We must protect the future adults and employees of tomorrow by providing them with tools and knowledge to negotiate the vast playing field that is the Internet.


Several cyber-security experts from around the world  helped us address this problem:

  • Christina Ayiotis, Cyber Executive & General Counsel – MC on behalf of VigiTrust
  • Mathieu Gorge,  CEO & Global Advisory Board Chairman (VigiTrust)
  • Judy DeWolf, Cybersecurity Consultant (McKinsey & Company)
  • Steven Furnell, Professor of Cyber Security (University of Nottingham)
  • Doug Witschi, Cybercrime Threat Response (Interpol)
  • Rena Maycock, CEO & Founder (Cilter child-protection software)
  • Chinatu Uzuegbu, Cybersecurity Consultant (RoseTech (Cybercrime) Solutions Ltd)
  • Danny Pehar, CEO (Websafe Inc.)
  • Vukosi Sambo, Head of Data Solutions – Medscheme (AfroCentric Group)


Our experts provided valuable insights into how to protect the younger generation from the dangers of the cyber landscape.

AGENDA VigiTrust Advisory Board – October 20th

SPEAKERS PRESENTATIONS: VigiTrust Advisory Board – How to Protect the Young Generation from the Cyber Dangers?