VigiTrust has a new website

Posted on 21-05-2020

We are thrilled to announce that VigiTrust has launched a new website at  We have great plans for this website in the coming weeks and months. We have upgraded the VigiTrust section and already have new material and exciting content on;

  • VigiTrust
  • The Five Pillars of Information Security TM
  • The VigiTrust Advisory Board
  • News and Updates
  • Document Library

There is a new section on our core product VigiOne, and we shall be adding videos, specifications, case studies and other content here in the coming weeks.

Finally, we have reserved a section for our upcoming relaunch of VigiStore.

If there is information regarding VigiTrust, VigiOne or VigiStore that you cannot find here please contact us directly at