Watch the participants’ interviews from the Annual VigiTrust Global Advisory Board 2024

Posted on 11-06-2024

On May 22nd and May 23rd, 2024, the Annual VigiTrust Global Advisory Board was held in Dublin, Ireland, where cybersecurity and compliance experts came together to share their views and debate a range of cybersecurity topics:

  • Latest standards for Payment Card Security,
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion in Cybersecurity,
  • Cloud threat management and IoT attacks,
  • Building a strong security culture,
  • CISO’s challenges
  • Collaboration between industry, government and law enforcement agencies,
  • Multi-Factor Authentication, trends and predictions
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • GRC programs,
  • State-sponsored cyberthreats,
  • GDPR,
  • Next Gen in Technology
  • And much more!

We have interviewed some of the Speakers and attendees from this year, don’t miss our interviews about their thoughts on the Annual VigiTrust Global Advisory Board 2024!

-Brian Pennington, Sales Director, Online Business Systems Inc.

-Aaloka Anant, CEO & Founder, MAYA Data Privacy Limited

-Dr. Aditya Kuppa, LLM Security Researcher, Mirror Security

-David Prendergast, Senior Manager, Deloitte

-Graham Thompson, Sales & Marketing Director, DataDivider

-Hugo Grattirola, Partner, Philip Lee

-Johan Van Zyl, Managing Director, Risk X Data Assurance

-Michael Boevink, Founder, Boevink Group

-Dina Vyapuri, Founder, Techfindr

-Marie-Christine Vittet, VP Compliance, ACCOR

-Oliver Carr, Head of Cybersecurity, kloeckner.i GmbH

-Michael Conway, Director, Renaissance Contingency Services

-Roger Abouantoun, Manger, Product Management, Mastercard

-Stefan Lessaru, vCISO, VESpace

-Tolgay Kizilelma, Director of the MS in Cybersecurity Program – Associate Professor, Dominican University  of California

-Tom Scott, Founder/CEO of CyberSherpas and Executive Direcctor of CyberSC


The VigiTrust Global Advisory Board Team